And another one...

Challenge that is...!

At Scrap Your Crap, where the challenge was to use your stamps! Which we did. And now that we've assuaged our guilt over our forgotten and neglected stamps in one fell swoop, we'll be all ready to justify another stamp purchase or two in the near future!

Shh...did I say that out loud??

Anyway, here's the layout I did. I used many MANY stamps and clear embossing powder to create a resist background and then spritzed, sprayed and sponged with ink over that to create all the color.
But that wasn't enough. Oh no. Then I made myself draw circles and HANDstitch them. As if all the tasks on my To Do List had all been completed. And cut a flourish out of dictionary paper and stitch it too!

@@ (Those are eye rolls. I'm hoping if I use those often enough as symbols it'll be come a thing.) I know. I irritate myself too with all this overachieving.

So, yeah that's it. One measly photo for the whole post. I'd be asking myself if it was worth coming all the way over here for that!

Anyway. What's done is done. And that's what this post is!

After I remind you to head on over to Scrap My Crap and check out all the other DT inspo. And if you get inspired to do a card or layout as well, post it there so we can love it up, and then you can reward yourself with some guilt-free new stash. Stamps maybe.


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