Catch up time...

We had a fun online crop on St Patty's day at Love is in the Details and I wanted to show you the samples for my challenges! If I were that woman who can do it all, this post would have gone up on the 17th and all y'all could've played along!! Next time ..... maybe.

This layout was done for a challenge to use all the colors of the rainbow and a little bit of glitter (pot o' gold y'know?) on a layout or project. The glittery bits I used are the pearls and bling.

And this one was for a challenge to incorporate 3 of any of the 8 listed inspiration suggestions:
An Irish proverb or blessing, something gold, a buckle and something hidden (like the pot o' gold y'know?) are the ones I used. I love this photo of my daughter. She left to go back north last week, but while she was here, she found this chair and reDID it. It used to be that lovely rose color so popular back in 1988. It was also popular with the cats who used to "use" it in the house where it lived. So after a good power washing, a couple weeks of Arizona sunshine bleach treatment, she spray painted it yellow. I had to get a photo of it and her before one of the neighbors hauled it away from the curb.

As well, recently, Lori at LiitD challenged us to do a layout on the topic of things we love about ourselves. 10 things!! I know right? We're women! Does ANY woman have 5 things she loves about herself?!?! Anyway, this is what I came up with, with a little help from Mr B.
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