Hello, there!

Haven't been around these parts much lately...sorry about that!  Been off celebrating life's milestones, with a trip to Italy, Mr B and me!  And I'll be posting photos soon, so check back if you're all about the broken down stone buildings covered with pretty green ivy and plates of spaghetti and clams and such!

Meanwhile, back at the factory....here's something that posted in blogland while I was MIA.  

Actually, these were posted at Love is in the Details last weekend.  I was playing with Goosebumps recently and tried a couple of different ways with it.  Here, I spritzed Goosebumps all over some Bazzill Basics paper flowers.  (From way long time ago, but this is a fun way to bring new life to them, doncha think?)

On this card, I cut out hexagon shapes from a sheet of My Mind's Eye (Follow Your Heart) paper and covered them with Goosebumps!  Even with a complete coverage coat, it dries with bumpy texture and looks like a dimensional sticker!

Here's another one with Goosebump sprayed paper and silk flowers.

And finally, I sprayed more Goosebumps on this plain paper die cut so that it too has a shiny, bumpy finished surface that kicks it up a notch and gives it more wow factor!!

Thanks for stopping by....more to show you tomorrow!  


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