Not Too Happy...

Don't worry, I'm fine, everything's good....that's just the title of my layout for the current challenge up at the All About Me blog!

Our prompt this month is to document something that drives you batty or makes you mad or is just plain upsetting.  We do enough pages about the happy shiny moments don't we?  So it kinda feels good to let it all out on a layout.

I could have let more hang out on this subject, believe me, but I've already alienated enough people by going on about this subject.  Suffice it to say it makes me sad that one member of our family must stay in Canada while the rest of us can live here in the US.  Full stop.

I let the photo of her closet with all those empty hangers speak for my feelings.  Doesn't it even make you sad?  A whole closet full of empty hangers?  I know.

Supplies for this layout are from the Studio Calico May kit, 35mm and the Leica add-on.

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  1. I love that you chose this topic to scrapbook, it's real life and real feelings. Love this friend. :)


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