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I've a coupla t'ings to show yous.  For some very odd raison, I'm using an Arish accent in me haid at t'e moment.  I've nay idea why.  But there ya have it.  Nothing to be done aboot it, so we'll just go wit it.

T'is hair's a layout ah did quoite raicently.  While still under t'e effects of jet lag actually.  From coming acrost the great water in a jet.  Boot anyway, we were to 'lift' the fabulously talented Nina Ostermann (her layout follows this one) for t'e current challenge up't Challenge Me Happy.  Photo was taken from t'e archives doncha know, from 1987 or so.  Mr B totin' wee bairns across a pebbly pairkin' lot from t'e beach to hotel.  Just kinda tugs at me 'eartstrings, it does.  Couldn't do that today, 'e couldn't.

And 'ere's Nina's layout which we were t' lift.
And while I still 'ave you.  T'is wort' mentioning that this challenge blogs does prizes!  So, take up the challenge, post't over at the CMH site and see if y' don't get lucky!  Also, keep watch for an aMAZing birt'day celebration coming up soon at Challenge Me Happy with lots of challenges and LOTS of fabulous prizes!!  You'll not want t' miss oot!

And t'is 'ere's a layout done for me mont'ly Trend Watch challenge at Love is in t'e Details!  This mont' I'm showcasing' glassine envelopes an' newsprint.  I used t'e scallop Heidi Swapp newsprint banner.

Bot' these layoots were done usin' supplies from t'e May kit from Studio Calico, main kit and the Leica add-on.  LOVIN' the exclusive badges from Marcy Penner.  LOVIN' 'em!


  1. T'is lovely! Bot' ov 'em...

  2. got no accent for ya girlie lov'd the look of both though

  3. Ye wee lass e's quite the clever one. Went looking up Irish version of carry and got: Shenanagans (n): carry-on/horse-play - I guess one might say it comes pretty close to "carry". Not to be confused with Irish Amadán (Omadhan)(n): idiot [I initially thought an Irish word similar to Omadhan was Dad, but I was mistaken].

    And I didn't realize there were so many words in Irish that mean idiot. I know, completely off course here now. But check out this site for Irish words:

    I know, I, right at the moment, have the attention span of an ant! Time for bed.

    BTW ... love the layouts ... and that you are digging back into the family archives and scrapping those pictures laterly. Way cool girlie!


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