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You've been away from your blog a long time when blogger makes you "sign in" again.  Yikes!

Well I'm back and raring to get scrappy again!!  I like the break, but invariably I get that itch to make something and when I can't, I do the next best thing.  Go shopping.  I managed to bring home scrap supplies from every province I visited....from two newly opened stores in Miami, MB (Love is in the Details) and Saskatoon (Scrapbook Studio) (actually this one has been open awhile, I just hadn't had a chance to stop in yet) and an old fave in Edmonton (Treasured Memories).  

Check out these goodies!!

But ok now, down to business!  All throughout June, these cards showing various embossing methods have been featured on the Love is in the Details blog.  The first one is heat embossed with silver emboss powder on an old vellum tag (still have a couple more of those kicking around...)  As well, the white and grey patterned piece on the left is emboss/pressed.  That's a technique where you rub ink all over the "raised" side of an embossing folder, huff on it before sticking your paper in and running it through your BigShotKickerthing.  It's a cheap and easy way to imitate letter press.

Underneath the metal frame but layered overtop the patterned papers is some tulle.  Which I am in love with.  Cannot think of a single thing that is not improved by a piece of tulle.

 I used a piece of metal paper that I ordered from over at the Internet for this Father's Day card, but you can get the very same look with two pieces of tinfoil.  Especially the heavy duty stuff.  I tried and I can tell you this is so.  

This one might be a bit confusing.  It's a clear transparent card front.  I used a piece of packaging plastic and ran it through the BigKickerShot and then just Washi taped it to a back piece.  The die cuts adhered to the front can cover up what you write inside but I figure letting some of it show is it's own kind of charming.  
I love how the layers all pile up from the one dimensional angle, don't you?

 Here's another one where I used some packaging plastic and ran it through the BigShotterKick but this time I just used some brads (remember those??) to adhere it to the front of the card.  The blue/green paper was spritzed with Goosebumps and then distress inked with Tim Holtz inks allowing the Goosebumps to resist the color.

The embossed design has butterflies on it so I just added some over top for extra dimension...ality....ness.  Yes, that.

And finally.  Did you know that those cool thin metal pieces from Graphic45 can emboss so nicely!?  That and my other favorite thing - hexagon shapes - makes this card one of my favorites.  Might be hard actually giving it away!

Don't forget the deadline for the Challenge Me Happy birthday Hoopla challenges is July 15!!  If you've been inspired by these embossing ideas, and would like the chance to win yourself a BigKickerShot machine you need to go here and git'erdone!!


  1. Wow! What a visual feast Norine! These are amazing! :)


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