WawawaWASHington! Warning: Very Photo Heavy!

Washington is a beautiful state!  You probably knew that already.  But I only suspected it, never having been, except to drive home from BC once in the middle of the night at the northern-most tip...  I've seen pictures.  So I knew I wanted to go someday.

Enter stage right:  Mr B is building a kit plane.  The assembly plant is located in a little known city in WA named Yakima.  Now we need to go there!

Not so hard to convince him to make a week long vacation of it, and include Seattle and Leavenworth. Why Leavenworth?  Because it's a most extraordinary slice of Bavaria right here in the USA, complete with summer-long nightly performances of "The Sound of Music" on an outdoor stage!!  Need any more reasons to go there?  Well, add the drive through the mountains, the fruit orchards, the cool green temps, (yes, green is a temperature.  Ask anyone who lives in AZ.) and the CUTE shops!

Enough words.  Now for some pics.

First, Seattle.

The original Starbucks store.  
No pastries sold here.

Then off to Yakima and the Cub Crafter's plant.

See?  That was fun, wasn't it?

Back on the road over to Leavenworth.
The Sound of Music stage and setting.

This is apple and pear country!

Heading back to Seattle via Mount Rainier National Park.  

Seriously, the only thing missing from these mountain meadows was the virginal maidens dancing through the flowers, trailing wispy scarves and marketing feminine hygiene products! 

And, back to the big city for the last couple of days!

 One last visit to Pike's Public Market for some flowers to take home...

Man, I wish it were time to go back there.  It was a great get-away!!  
Thanks for coming along with me for the re-cap!


  1. I love lupins - especially when they grow wildly! How can one not photograph them. Loved the mini-travelogue.

  2. Looks like you had fun, and kept busy!! I love how you use different camera angles in some of the photos.


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