So many pretty things and a Bridal Shower. (Photo heavy!)

I've been MIA.  I know this and I'm sorry.  But wait till I show you why!  This past weekend my daughter and I hosted a bridal shower for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law!  I feel like this is a party I've been waiting my whole life to throw!  I've been collecting mismatched vintage china and silverware and goblets and hats and other tchotchkes for, literally, years.  And I finally got to pull it all out and use it for one perfect setting and occasion!

How about I just let the photos speak for themselves!

When they first arrived, guests were greeted at the front door with this tableau.  The chalkboard art is Jeff's work of course.

An opportunity to check the hair once more before going inside...

Then, in the backyard there were several tables set with mismatched china, silverware, goblets, chairs, etc.  Everything as random as possible.


This was Amy's place.

I found this journal at a vintage market a couple of weeks earlier and made it into a little memory book for her to remember the day by.  (Post coming soon...)
The little favor boxes containing homemade butter mints that each guest took home, were cut on my Silhouette, punched with a Martha Stewart all over punch and it performed beautifully, I might add!

The food was set out on all the pretty plates and platters I have stored away for just such occasions as this!  The strawberry pound cake was made by Classic Cakes and Confections, who did a wonderful job with the petit fours and macarons as well!

And let me tell you about the roses!  A few weeks previous, while wandering through a flea market, we came across a booth selling lovely vintage items (yes, we bought a couple) and adorning their booth were these beaUTIful lush garden roses!  I had to know if they were the growers and they were!  Well, Dad was.  He's got 45 bushes of many different varieties.  Timidly, I asked if I could buy some.  What's the worst they could do?  Say no?  Boot us out of their booth for our impudence?  Unsell us the items we'd bought?  But no!  They almost fell over themselves to invite us to come and cut!  As many as we'd like, whenever, here's the address, don't worry about calling ahead, just come!

So we did.  How could you say no to that?

Amy was gracious in her gift opening skills, personally acknowledging each one with a comment of appreciation.  Her mother (who was unable to attend) would have been so proud!

Being Easter weekend, the two other bridesmaids were unable to attend, but Melissa was here from Canada and had a MAJOR hand in helping me put this together!  

Of course we played games.  We had to have a reason to use these pretty clothespins from Michaels!  Each guest received one and then forfeited it if they were heard speaking the words "dress" "wedding" or "Jeff".

And we played "Guess the spice"game.  We also played Bridal Bingo, where the guests filled in their bingo card with gifts they imagined the bride would shortly open, giving themselves a free space for their own gift.  Any line crossed off won a prize.

Each table had a unique arrangement of vintage hat, flowers in vintage pitchers or vases and a photo of the engaged couple.  

The banner was made from burlap, canvas, dictionary paper, sheet music, paper doilies and other paper.  And saints preserve us, you can buy silver lamé seam binding!  So I did, and used it to bind the banner together. 

I realized later we didn't get any good photos of the whole yard...until the very end when it was all in disarray.  But, I decided even the party aftermath looks pretty!

Sorry, that was a LOT of photos.  I still have to catch my breath when I look through them.  I hope you enjoyed the photos too. 


  1. What an amazing bridal shower. So fun, I'm sure everyone had the best time.

  2. What an AMAZING bridal shower - such a precious gift of memories for your daughter in law, I"m sure! Spectacular job!

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