Time to get back to "work"

Enough of all this play and tea parties and fancy things!

I made this card and posted it over at Love is in the Details a while back and thought I should show you here!  I've had the technique inside my head for awhile and finally got to sit down and try it out.  You should know, that long ago when my main craft was cross stitching...my mom made the (probably very accurate) comment that, "I think you would be perfectly content just poking a needle in and out of fabric even if there was no thread in it."  

I think maybe this card proves her right?
There's a lot of "sewing" in the paper crafting industry currently, but mostly all actually USE thread. 

To begin, I chose three different stamps to try.  I tried to use ones that had a simple, basic shape, stamping with black ink onto white printer paper.  
Next, I laid the card stock over a piece of white card stock and then a mousepad, then poked holes all around the outline of each stamp.
This is the effect it produced.

I liked the rose the best, so decided to use it.

 If you don't have a selection of stamps to use for this, you could go online and look up clip art in any subject you can think of, and the possibilities will boggle you!

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