Vintage Market find goes all upscale...

Remember I said I was going to post about the journaling book I made into a little memory book for the Bridal Shower we recently threw?  This one here?

So, I divided the book into sections for the invitation, the menu, the guests, their addresses, some words of advice they might like to share, etc.  I want to add photos to the book yet, and I didn't want it to become too bulky overall, so I actually removed a few pages from the book.  A book like this one, is a series  of "signatures" sewn together and I just pulled out the center two pages from each signature.  As I was adding embellishments, I kept them as flat as I could to keep the bulk to a minimum as well.

Here is the book as it was presented to Amy.  Now it has guests and gifts listed in it, and some wise words added too.  
A few days ago I posted here, about a paper lantern I embellished with butterflies and flowers.  That was also made for the shower and I kept with the same theme for this book, using many of the same papers and shapes.  

 I left a couple of sections un-labeled so that Amy could keep track of any other details she would like.  Or, that's where we'll adhere photos of the day that don't fit with the other sections.

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