What Shall We Name the Baby?? True Story.

So y'know how when you're first pregnant and so excited about having a baby, and fixing up a nursery and choosing names and all those fun things?  And the list of baby names is so long you think you'd need to have a dozen kids just to use all these awesome names?  Yes, well, so by baby #4, that list is considerably shorter and suddenly the baby is here and whoops, we haven't picked a name yet!  Or we can't settle on one of two choices.  Or something like that.

That's how it was when Ben came along.  I liked the name Mitchell Donovan.  Ok, maybe it does sounds a little sappy-high-school-football-romance-ish, I'll give you that.  But 20 years ago, with a pregnancy addled brain I thought it was quite perfect.  Mr B liked the name Benjamin Dean.  Solid.  Classic.  Also means: "the last of the tribe" lol.  Which this baby was.  We didn't hate each others choices, we just couldn't decide which we liked most.  And his red wrinkled little face didn't state one way or the other either.  So, we polled the family.  Found out, the overwhelming favorite was Ben, and as it turns out, that's exactly who he is!?  Whew, just in time for taking him home!  Can't be leaving the hospital with un-named babies and all!

That's the story behind this layout just up at Challenge Me Happy today.  The specific challenge is "about a name" and we hope you'll join us in creating a layout for this challenge and then posting it for the chance to win yourself a prize!

 Weird thing.  Please pardon the color of these photos.  The white is showing up rather yellow in places.  And I don't have a PhD in Photoshop yet.  The "hello, my name is..." die cut is a Silhouette cut file that I cut with my Cameo.  I also painted over the (BRIGHT GREEN) baby label card in order to sedate it enough to include on this layout.  Journaling is all tucked away on the tag inside the glassine envelope.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. LOVE this LO Norine! AND the story to go with!

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