A groom's/rehearsal dinner

So, more catching up to do.  

Let's start with a Farm/Country themed rehearsal dinner that we held the day before our son was married.  Photos were mostly taken by Katie, the bride's sister, of The Loft Photography.
We decided to go with a bright palette of red, yellow and blue.  Which made it easy to pull out the blue speckle-ware I've collected along with some vintage suitcases, red oil lanterns, and Coke memorabilia.  (I knew there was a good reason to collect and keep all these items!!)

We served other flavor faves besides coke, like root beer, cream soda, grape and orange crush, but the Coke stole the spotlight!

Could there be a more "country-farm" themed flower than sunflowers?!

Our local Joe's Real BBQ catered and no one went away hungry or disappointed!!

For dessert we served mouth watering stacks of Krispy Kreme donuts and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  You'd be surprised who all had a donut.  Or 3.  
The cookies were served in these CUTE glassine bags from Wink Events on Etsy.  And stashed in an old wicker basket that belonged to my mother's family.
The bride with her mom and sister.  (You try and pick out which one is the mom!)

As the evening grew late and the light began to fade, we turned on the paper lanterns, and lit floating rose candles in the pool.  
The homemade banners are kraft paper cut on the Silhouette as well as a jute and red seam binding banner.

Jeff and Amy, the couple of the hour!  Looking relaxed and enjoying all their family and guests.


  1. Loving the event! And of course Coke. Pepsi would never have had a go against the other pops! I realy like the floating candles in the pool. Did Paul put on the lights too, cause the double effect would have been pretty. Sigh ... wish I was visiting there!

  2. Oh yes, he monkeyed with the auto control setting days ahead of time, so just the right color sequence would come on at the right time, lol! You wouldn't enjoy visiting right now though, its just TOO hot. In a couple of months though...!


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