Button, button, who's got the button...?

Turns out, I do!  Several couple of buttons, in fact! 

Earlier this summer, when I stopped in at Lori's shop, I left with, among MANY other things, a big old bag of buttons.  As soon as I got home, I was itching to do something with them!  Not that there was any danger of running out of buttons here on button ranch, but some pretty, new, pastel colored ones just relit a creative fire.  Here's what came as a result!

From a layered button flower to a confetti of buttons,
these tags are a quick and pretty stand in for a card, for those occasions that don't necessarily require a full blown card, but you just want to add a little sumpin sumpin.

This one is masked with green mist, using a silhouette cut die that was left over from some other project.  Add a bit of ribbon, a wood veneer, a crocheted flower with button center and there you go!

Another button centered flower.  And a button to hold the tag strings in place.

And finally, a cute little pot of button flowers!  The mini coffee cup (complete with plastic lid) also came home with me from Lori's.  I cut lengths of thin gold wire and wrapped them around green floral picks (found in most any craft store) for the stems and tied pieces of a variety of ribbons around the picks for leaves.  

 Thanks for stopping by today, check back again this weekend for more catch up!


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