Gifts and good friends...

Hello friends!  Catch up is almost caught up!  This is the last post of the summer's creations and then I can start showing you more recent craftiness.

Before I actually left home back in July, I did know I'd be meeting up with some of my scrapping besties for a crop.  Also before I left, I'd needed a specific ribbon for another project and took myself off to the local RIBBON STORE!  Where I went completely overboard.  As usual.  I assuaged the guilt by telling myself, I'll just share!  So I prepped these little bags of ribbon for each of my friends, and gathered up the bits and pieces to assemble these bags closer to the time of the crop.

I tried to make each one typical of the recipient, so if you know Thelma at all, you'll know how this is just HER!  Red, gems and metal charms.  
The little banner tags were typed out on my Grandfather's old Remington and cut to shape.
Whenever I need to punch out a shape for something, I punch a bunch....bunch-a-bunch...sounds like either an anger management therapy, or a scrapping I always have a bowl full of miscellaneous shapes and sizes and colors in a drawer and it makes it easy to put together little layered pieces like these.  

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. And indeed, it was the most gorgeous little giftie ... but not the bestest little giftie ... the bestest would have been the fact that you were with us for the evening. You are fabulously creative!


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