NYC in a Nutshell

This was originally posted at Love is in the Details back in early September.  Thought I would share it here as well.

Back in the day when I did nothing but 2 page layouts, I loved how several photos helped tell the whole story.  After awhile, I started to do single-page-single-photo layouts, going in a more artistic direction with embellishments and techniques.  I love that, but I also still love a layout that features LOTS of photos.  After my daughter and I took a trip to New York City last fall, I discovered Persnickety Prints.  I took many photos during that trip on my iPhone as well as with my good camera and I wanted a way to enjoy them equally.  At the time, I offloaded all my photos onto my desktop and ordered prints the traditional way, but the good news is...Persnickety Prints has been working on an app to allow you to order Instagram prints directly from your phone!  The 3x3 print I used on this layout is from there.  They can also develop your Instagrams into 3"x3" polaroid prints (and a whole variety of other sizes and paper finishes).
Even better, this print cost all of .85¢ and was mailed to my house in less that a week.  Where else can you print 9 photos for .85¢ I'd like to know!
Using a print like this on a layout is easy when you treat it as one photo, but you could also cut it into single prints or strips or smaller groupings.  I used some empty space over three photos to place the date button and two banners which helps to separate the photos into distinct individual units.
I still plan to make both a Smash book of this trip as well as an online printed photo book but in the meantime, this method is a fun way to document some favorite photos in a quick and easy way.

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