Playing with pretty paste!

Hi everyone!  Thought you might like to see this fun stuff I got to play recently, called Inka Gold by VivaDecor.  It's a paste that comes in a jar, and has a lovely shimmery quality, and can be diluted with water, and blends with several yummy colors.  I got some from Love is in the Details and sat down to play!
The first thing I did was use a palette knife to smear a blob each, of silver, blue and green Inka Gold (in fairly close proximity) onto my craft mat.  Then I spritzed them with water and dragged some white card stock through the color puddles, kind of swirling it along.
The first paper (bottom right) actually picked up some blobs of color that dried, leaving some texture, whereas the last one (top left) produced the most subtle coloration.  Just depends on the ratio of water to paste, and the look you like.  (You can see these papers used on greeting cards when you check back here on Saturday, October 5 - World Card Making Day!)
Then I took messy a step further.  I did try using a paintbrush at first, which works just fine until you get impatient and just dive in with your fingers.  Something I had not planned to do!  Fortunately, it cleans up like a dream!  I tried rubbing the Inka Gold onto chipboard, dipping into first one color, then another.  You can see how beautifully the colors blend!  I also rubbed some paste onto metal charms and such....but you'll have to check back on World Card Making Day (Sat, Oct 5) to see those results!
Finally I pulled out some Prima stencil masks and the palette knife and began to blend the colors of paste onto some white card stock.  Ohmygoodnessyouguys!!  SO cool.

The above flourish paper is still waiting to be used....I see some gorgeous cards in it's future....
but the paper below, with Inka Gold paste in a chevron design....
became this layout!

Love these chipboard pieces from Blue Fern Studios!
This post is also posted over at Love is in the Details today.
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  1. Looks gorgeous!
    Beautiful lo!
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  2. Beautiful. Love what you did with the pretty paste. You layout came out gorgeous!


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