Stickle Dots...

(This is posted over at Love is in the Details today.)
I've discovered something that's almost as much fun as Gummi Bears!  Making my own "enamel dots"!  With glitter!  Normally, glitter is no friend of mine, but when it's contained in it's own adhesive that's a different thing!   

I started by pulling out a selection of my favorite Ranger Stickles colors...
and making rows of various sized blobs.  This was rewarding enough, just looking at that happy rainbow of colorful dots!
Then they dried, and peeled off my splat mat, just as I'd imagined they should, 
and I was beyond pleased.  If I could wish one thing, it would be that they retain their original bulk from when they are first blobbed out of the bottle.  Nevertheless, I'm finding this handy little baggy of sparkly dots very useful!
Here's a layout I made using some of the Stickle candy dots.  I like the freedom of being able to move them around the page, to be satisfied with their placement before affixing them permanently.

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  1. what a brilliant idea, will so be doing this thanks for sharing your tip

  2. This is so smart!
    Gorgeous layout!
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  3. What a great page. LOVE how you made the dots.


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