Glitter, Glitz and Glam….

So, I realize I'm late to the glitter party, but now that I've arrived, top up my glass with some antique silver Glass Glitter punch please!  
As with so many scrappy supplies, glitter has found it's way into my stash, even without my ever having any intention of using the stuff.  How DOES that happen anyway??  And again, a couple of weeks ago at my favorite monthly vintage and antique sale they were selling tiny, little vials of the prettiest vintage looking German Glass glitter.  So I bought some.  For no other reason than the display was so pretty.  The thing I've learned about the real glass glitter is that the silver backing will tarnish slightly.  And if there's anything I love more than real silver, it's slightly tarnished real silver!
Then, I saw this page in the latest Pottery Barn catalogue and decided to try something.  I wanted to see if I could duplicate that pillow design on a card.  I'll admit, the double-sided adhesive paper had it's challenges but with a steady hand, and nowhere else to be for the next 15 minutes, it's quite manageable. 
For the pillow card I actually used silver microbeads.  That's a whole other game, let me tell you.  But the rewards are so resulting.  I think. Well, something like that.  The dies for the quatrefoil design and the chevrons following are from Papertrey Ink.
And then I cut some "snoopy" chevrons for the German Glass Glitter that I felt confident enough to deal with at this point.  (Word to the wise….when they call it GLASS glitter, they aren't kidding!)  But if I did this card design again, I'd separate the stripes more, to make them visually stand out more.  
And finally, I used this glittery star from Lori's shop that she sent me in my last pizza box!  I clear heat embossed the card front and then kept the design nice and clean and graphic with the sentiment on the inside.  

And with that, my conversion to all things glitter is complete.  
These cards were preciously posted at Love is in the Details.


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