Inspired Blueprints Sketch #112

Whoops, there it is!  All out of order, but finally posted.  

I'll be honest.  This wasn't the easiest layout to make.  I was afraid of making a "spectacle" out of the event by documenting it, but it felt good to have done it, when I was finished. 
 These were two random photos on my iPhone camera roll that we took this summer as we crossed back and forth across the continent.  Two photos I casually snapped of a seemingly insignificant moment in time.  We had stopped to visit some friends we hadn't seen in a few years and had several hours one evening and again the next morning sharing memories of old times and precious things with them.  
 When we got the news exactly one week later of the accidental death of our friend, it was both more shocking for having JUST seen him, and also something of a comfort for having so recently had that time together.  And it reminds me again, that even in hard experiences, there is something good to be thankful for.  

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