What's been keeping me busy…?

Most bloggers are currently posting seasonal recipes, decorating, holiday posts.  Not me though.  You come here, and you're going to get yourself a huge mess of a project post!  But, since you ask.  I've been working on a little endeavor I thought would take 3 days AT. THE. MOST.  Ha.  That will teach me.  It's been on my to-do list for nearly all of 2013.  Whew, done.  Just under the wire.

We won't talk about the whole OTHER project of scanning ALL my mom's and my old negatives and organizing them by date? year? decade? onto a hard drive.  That's now my new goal for 2014.  It's good I'm so flexible.

No, the thing that has kept my kitchen in SUCH a mess for so long (because you know, it's just silly to think of putting everything away when you're just going to have to pull it ALL out again when the next shipment of EZmount foam arrives next week.  Or whatever.) is converting all my wood mounted stamps to much-easier-to-store cling mount.  Just when I thought I had them all, I'd discover another drawer of Stampin' Up! wood stamps.  It's no wonder they hardly ever got used, stored in one closet or another…?!

Remember how, when you were in high school, you'd have dreams (nightmares?) of arriving at school, in your pajamas (when it wasn't even cool yet!) to write an exam you hadn't remembered to study for, and you couldn't remember your locker code?  Or a happy-mare, where you'd dream of getting a brand new BIKE for your birthday, and it felt so amazing even when you'd wake up in the morning and it was, like February and your birthday wasn't for months.

I don't have those dreams anymore.  I'm an adult now.  The things that make my heart soar while I'm asleep are dreams where I discover a WHOLE EMPTY CLOSET in my house that I had not known was there!!  Truly.  This is what my life has become.

Basically, this dream has come (sort of) true with the completion of this project.  I've emptied an entire closet of wooden stamps and, with the new cling foam storage format, filled two dresser drawers instead.  Right here in my craft room.  All in one place, stashed close at hand where I can easily riffle through them to find the ones I want.  Can you hear the choirs of angels singing?

I'm not sure what I'm going to fill that closet up with, just yet.  Crock pots maybe.  Or lightbulbs and gardening tools.  Or!  Pool towels?  Just thinking of the possibilities is making me positively giddy!!

What would you use a whole, big, empty closet for?


  1. LOL! A whole empty closet in my house is beyond my wildest dreams! Great post!


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