Happy Almost Valentine's Day

Hi everyone!  Chocolates and Roses Day is right around the corner and I had that in mind as I pulled out some supplies and started to play.  Last summer I ordered several of the Prima wood veneer sets that Lori carries in the Love is in the Details store, and typical to Prima, I found the packaging to be as fabulous as the product inside.  I've been wanting to use them for a different kind of project ever since and I finally got the chance last week!
This Valentine's Day card was made by painting the wooden "shadow box" styled packaging in a soft grey color, lining the back of each section with patterned paper and then adding bits and pieces to each section.  I deliberately kept the sentiment off the front of the card so that if desired, it will be suitable as a keepsake, framed or sitting on a shelf.
The bouquet of roses is a little package of $1 items that Lori has made up in the store, and this is exactly how it came.  All tied up in a cute bunch.  All I did was glue them into place.  
The little metal frame is framing a vintage postage stamp (I rescued a huge box of them in my Mom and Dad's move last year) that is just PERFECT in color and theme for this project!  The fountain pen nib is an "inchie" that was made and given to me by my friend Thelma last summer and works so well here you'd think it was intended for this!

You can always tell when my enthusiasm gallops away on me….I can't stop at just one project….I have to make several!  Here are a couple more shadow boxes I put together.  They are the bigger sized packaging (just over 5" square) and will be displayed around our home and lake cottage.
Over the years we've collected seashells from various vacations, and they're mostly stored in a glass jar, so it was fun to choose some of the nicest ones to display in a way that showcases the beauty of each one!
For this next shadow box, I printed one photo that I cut into 4 quarters, and 2 smaller photos, to combine with more shells collected from the beach in Florida on this trip.  I added some metal charms I've been hoarding till now, and oh look!  Another postage stamp!
The possibilities of what you could create and display like this are endless!  Antique heirloom brooches perhaps, or a collection of keys, or badges/flair, or antique buttons.

And finally, another small one.  This box was painted with a couple different shades of green and then sanded and stained with Distress Ink to create that shabby look.  The Blue Fern Studios chipboard die cut is left raw, and each opening is backed with another vintage postage stamp!  How 'bout that!  Some paper shred, sewing thread and gold floss, as well as some feathers picked up on my walks, all add up to a delightful little ornament.  It may become a 3-dimensional card, like the Valentine card, or I may just tuck it in among some other decor pieces around the house.

Thanks for stopping by again today!  I hope you've found something to inspire!


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