Ways With glitter. And Peel Off Stickers. Inaugural Projects in the New Scrap Space.

Since moving my scrap space from one area of the house to another, and getting it all set up just the way I want it, and taking some pictures of the clean, sun-drenched space, I haven't wanted to create.  Creating always makes messes.  But when all is said and done, these projects were SO worth the disaster they left in their wake.

Disclaimer:  Glitter and I don't get along.  Except for here.  Ok, and maybe here.  But not anywhere else.  Which is why it's such a puzzle that I own so many kinds and colors of the stuff!?  So when I saw this technique, I decided to be a big girl and deal with my glitter-angst, and then when I found the exact kind I needed IN MY STASH, it was a sign!  

I DO have a fondness for peel off stickers.  The kind that make the loveliest outline and when adhered to glossy card stock can colored with Sakura Gel pens.  At least that's all I ever did with them.  But I decided it was time to try something different.

This first card uses both the peel off stickers AND the glitter.  Here's how: 
First I cut a piece of Sookwang double sided adhesive paper, a little larger than the sticker size.  I removed the release paper from one side and laid the sticker down on the (extremely) sticky paper.
Next, I covered the entire thing with ultra fine transparent glitter, and with the release paper that I shouldn't have tossed in the trash so fast, back over top of the sticker, I burnished it good and thoroughly.  The leftover glitter went back in the jar and happily, no stray glitter came off the sticker!  That's what the burnishing does for you!
Next, I began to color the sticker with Copic markers, but other kinds of markers will work too!  Once finished with the coloring, I fussy cut around the design and had a sticker that was ready to adhere to a card!  Very cool effect with surprisingly little fuss or muss!

Next, I laid a Peel Off sticker onto some dictionary paper.  
I cut around the perimeter and colored the design with Copics again.  When I was actually doing it, I thought my Copic coloring skills were pretty epic.  In the light of day, I can see….well, my excuse is that two lightbulbs over my head were burnt out!  Clearly need some practice!  Luckily I have lots more stickers to practice with!
Here's the finished card:

The last card uses some old Peel Offs from my stash.  Gold.  Oh my yes! 
 I laid the three stickers onto vellum this time and colored the graduated ombre on the backside.  With Sharpies!  Uh huh!  Cool thing I discovered is that while the ink is still wet, you can rub it smooth with your finger, add the next color and rub that into the first.  Great way to ink up your hands with PERMANENT markers.  Try explaining that to a 5 year old.

The finished card:

These projects were recently posted on the Love is in the Details blog.
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