Some card ketchup

Or is that catch-up?  I have been a mean, green card making machine lately and I'd love to show you all of them, right here!  Right now!  

But all in good time.  Patience grasshopper.  

For now, I can show you these cards I made to showcase some of the watercolor techniques I'll be teaching in July in Canada at Love is in the Details.  The class cards won't look exactly like these, but the techniques will all be the same.  And I am EXCITED for this class!  It's going to be some fun! 

In a nutshell, the techniques will include washes with single watercolor paint colors, blends of 2 or more colors, masking, watercolor with distress markers and inks and watercolor stamping.  As well, we'll be using some of the newest Lasered Edge/Norine Borys chipboard designs!  

 I'm not sure if there are any spaces left, but you can check that and the details out…  I'd love to have you join me!  And thanks for stopping by today!


  1. All these cards are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Looks like you will be sharing some amazing techniques!!

  2. LOVE! Wish I were close enough to take your classes. Beautiful cards using watercolors. I will have to dig out my paints after this inspiration.


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