The Best of Summer and a New Gadget!

As very soon as I saw the first glimpse of this item coming...2 long months hence...I went to Amazon straightaway and preordered it.  I have a thing for polaroid photos, especially those of the miniature variety!  I have the little Instax Mini 25 camera and have taken quite a few nice pics with it….but it can be tricky, with lighting and all.  So a way to get polaroid prints, from home, of older photos, or better yet, to print off Instagram photos, from my iPhone, in polaroid format.  Well sign me up.  Where's the dotted line.

I was beyond delighted that my new Fujifilm Instax Share printer arrived before my vacation to Florida at the end of May, knowing that I'd be doing some scrapping there, and had no time or brain to decided on photos before hand.  And with the 3,500+ photos currently stored in my photo roll on my phone, I knew I had enough to choose from.

Yes, I know, I need to delete some of those photos before my phone decides its had enough!

Just to be on the safe side though, I went through a couple of old magnetic albums and snapped photos of some prints in there, so that they would be on my camera roll too.
In the end I only used one of the photos I printed but I can use the others on another layout.  And did I mention that both the camera and the printer use the same photo cartridges so I can use them in either gadget!  Bonus!
This is the layout I made.  Lots of patterned paper circles, mixed font title letters, sequins, phrase stickers, white jute and gold floss, and paint splatters.
Some details….

 And to give credit where it's due, I was totally inspired to create this design by one of my favorite scrap artists, Marivi Pazos, specifically this layout here.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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