Almost caught up….

Um, so I kinda let the blogging fall off there for awhile this summer.  It might have been the (insert list of improbable, unlikely, unconvincing, questionable excuses here) that prevented me from posting with any regularity.   Or it might have just been good old-fashioned laziness.

But, today we are caught up!  I did these cards back in the early summer, and because they didn't really fall into any category, I let them languish in the "to post" folder.  

For the most part, they are from my experimentations with watercolor.  This first card was inspired by a stamp set I ordered from SimonSaysStamp, and then decided I couldn't wait for it to arrive to play with it, so I pulled out the Sharpies and attempted my own.  I saw what Shari Carroll did with it and tried my own.  

 Then I tried some brush tip lettering to create this Graduation card.  (See?  I told you…old projects!)
 And these ones were just plain fun!!   A lightly penciled word for a guideline, and a mix of watercolor paints and you can get the most amazing results!!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love playing with watercolor??

Thanks again for stopping by today!!


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