Stash-busting at it's best...

I'm pretty sure I'm not a scrap-supplies hoarder.  I DO plan to use all these supplies UP someday.  Eventually, if not soon.  So when I managed to make a dent in the supply, I hang a medal around my neck and give myself a trophy!!  This was one of those days!  

I love wood veneer.  And I don't like to use it too liberally in case it all goes away and there is a wood veneer shortage in the scrapping world.  Same with rub-ons.  (Sadly though, some rub-ons have a "best before" date.  Buts that's for another post.)

Anyway.  When I got the bright idea to layer some rub-ons on wood veneer shapes I knew I'd need to be finding that medal and trophy!

Check them out.

 This card I made for my son as he left home to move one state over.  I didn't want it to be all maudlin and sad, so I thought these Ali Edwards/Technique Tues stamp sentiments seemed perfect!

 I used a couple more Lasered Edge card sentiments in the process.  
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  1. Beautiful cards! WOW!!! Love the banners and how you stamped on the wood! Those birds are great along with the beautiful butterflies!!

  2. Oh, well done! Excellent stash busting. You should know that you are my go-to person for stash-busting ideas :) I don't have a lot of rub-ons ... it's that 'best before' problem ... or wood veneers either, but now I have plenty of ideas on how to use them in projects. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx


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