Texture Issues...

So, porridge.  Not…..something I love.  Never have.  Even feeding it to my babies was an exercise in gag control.  I know it's good for me, and I would love to love it, but it's the texture that doesn't work for me.

Dry embossing though?  THAT is a texture that works for me!  I riffled through my folders and just wanted to play with ALL of them.  I didn't get to use them all, but I did use a few.  Here are the cards I made with them.

For this card, I used the gorgeous Anna Griffin embossing folder - Blossom Dance.  I popped the embossed panel up on dimensional adhesive with the stamped floral image and sentiment behind.  Word to the wise.  Die cut the opening first, THEN run the card stock through the embossing folder.  Ask me how I know this. 

For this card I punched butterflies out a variety of embossed kraft card stock.  I simply layered them on a piece of corrugated cardboard that I cut with a fishtail.  It had nothing to do with it being easier to USE that piece of cardboard laying on the table than get up and take it to the garbage. 

For this last card, I laid three strips of embossed card stock side by side and taped them with Washi tape so that I could punch the heart out. 

 I filled the heart opening with aqua colored buttons and pearl dots.  The ombre coloring is subtle.  Maybe too subtle to see?  I dunno.
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