Refrigerator Friends

I don't know if it's the same in your house, but our fridge has always been an archive of information, reminders, notes and photos.  Sometimes many layers deep.  Also a repository of salad dressings, leftovers and limp veggies.  But the archives are on the door.  Mostly.  The limp veggies were really getting to me though, so when we planned our kitchen reno last fall, we opted for a very lovely SubZero refrigerator.  Stainless Steel.  (dream come true!) But as you probably already know, magnets don't stick to stainless steel.  No loss.  Those magnets mostly just look messy and cluttered.  But what I really miss is the ability to display all the photo cards that come to us, especially at the holidays.  So I needed a way to still be able to see them and let others see them too.  

Enter Pinterest, stage left.

Here's what I made.  And if you know me at all, you know how much this pleases my logomaniac heart.  Anything with text is good.  
So after tearing off the covers of a Good Will book, I folded each page in half and laid it open on the table.  Thats it.  Just two steps of instruction!  SO fantastically easy and fast and more to the point, accomplishes exactly what I needed it to!
I think this would make a great way to display holiday cards as well!
As you can see there are many pages left with room for lots more photos!  Send us your family photos and I'll be happy to put all of your smiling faces in there!


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