Look what the Internet sent me!!

Most days I wake up thinking I've seen it all.

Then I go on Pinterest.  Or Etsy.  Or the Intranets.  Like FAIRY GARDENS!!!?  Did you know this is a whole big thing??  Had no idea.  

My most recent discovery was egg cartons.  There is a site on Etsy where you can buy almost any configuration of egg cartons from a 2-egger, to a more bigger-egger.  Well, what could I do???  I ordered some of the pairs, a few trios, some 4-egg cartons aaaaaaand decided I'd best stop there!  I also alerted my friend Lori from Love is in the Details so she could bring some into the store.  

And with last month being Valentines and all, here's what I made.  
The heart shaped, 3 eggers, I just piled on the die cuts and scrappy embellishments.  I had a few laying around.
This 4-egger got the stamping and watercolor treatment.  Turns out, egg carton material is not unlike watercolor paper for absorbency and such, like.

The things you could put inside this cute packaging is an endless list, but I did some macarons, truffles, mini cupcakes and even succulent seedlings!  I die, right!?  


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