A Perfect Marriage….

I. Am. In. Love.  

And while in the throes of this wild passion, food, personal grooming...all normal human cares are forgotten.  It's the combination of the Prima watercolor pencils and the Stampendous Jumbo stamp sets, (both recently released) that have me so captivated.

I got to demo both of these products at Lori's Love is in the Details weekend crop in April.  And I know for a fact that a few more people are now likewise smitten!

If you've been hanging around here much at all, you know how I love the whole watercolor medium.  But it's sometimes tricky and not for the faint of heart!  So if you can color your images with colored pencils, add shading where you'd like and then add some water and get a gorgeous professional result…what's not to love?!!

I just.  I can't even.  

I know.   
That's not very helpful, but seriously, if you graduated from Kindergarten with any degree of love for coloring, try these.  And the assorted Jumbo stamps that give you all kinds of room to play.  And have matching dies for all their stamps! Try them too!

Check back for a video coming soon where I show you just how easy these tools are to use!


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