Folded Book Art

Hi everyone!  6 days blogging in a row!  I have another catch up post for you today!

Years ago when I was a small business owner and "maker" (to use the 2015 lingo), I would have people come by my craft show booth and see something they liked and go "I could make that" to their friends.  And then pull out their cameras and take a picture.  

It never bothered me because:
1. I knew they probably wouldn't.
2. For every one of them, there were 25 other people, happy to give me their money!

So last year, just before Christmas I walked into Barnes and Noble and saw this cool book.  And thought to myself, "I could do that!"and I pulled out my camera phone.  Only the difference was, I really would!  And off I went to the Good Will for some books.

Turns out, there aren't instructions and tutorials just all over Pinterest or the interwebs.  I really had to dig!  But I finally found a YouTube video that showed me how to make the pattern in Photoshop and I was off to the races!!

Basically, you need to make a bunch of lines through the whole icon you want to create.  And then you line up the book page with the line in the pattern, mark it top and bottom and fold there.  Really quite mindless once you get humming along.

I started with something nice and easy.  Like a heart.  

 Ok, good, now how about an alphabet letter?  J - for one of my kids!

After that I was unstoppable!  Multiple letters!  With multiple strokes in the letter!

I really had fun with these and hope to make a few more.  Or maybe next year, I'll just buy one.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Wow - these are really cool! Maybe I'll try that someday. (Or, maybe not, LOL.) Thanks for sharing!


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