Memory Candle Holders

I just wanted to pop on today to show you the candle holders we made for the tables at the luncheon of my Dad's funeral last month.  You wouldn't really expect the parent of a scrapbooker to not have a ton of photos representing them, right?

The ideas came from Pinterest of course, and most of the supplies from the Dollar Store.

For the 5 inch glass vase, we (well ok, Mr B) went out and cut a bunch of branches into approximately the same length and diameter, to line the vase, circling the candle.  Then we (that part was me) printed 3-4 inch square black and white photos from the 1950's and tucked a couple into each of the jars between the glass and the twigs.

We also did some taller candle vases.  These ones were exactly 8.5" tall because a photo printed in landscape on a 8.5x11" sheet of vellum paper, wrapped perfectly around the jar, covering top to bottom and overlapping by 1/2".  

I wish I'd had the presence of mind to take some photos when they were lit, because the candles make the photos glow from the inside and it's beyond lovely!

These ideas could be used for any occasion, and make a great thank you, take home gift for your guests!  Thanks again for stopping by today!


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