One Fine Day...

I don't consider myself to be a-starter-but-not-a-finisher, so it came as some surprise to look around me and see the piles of projects that had to fall into exactly that category.  Almost finished crochet and knitting projects, sewing projects, a blouse I bought a year ago that is still waiting to be tailored (!!) and layouts with photos and papers chosen that went no further.

This layout was that.  Jamieson graduated back in 2004 and while this hasn't been "in the works" since then, it has been part of The Pile since I bought this fabulous math transparency and knew exactly the photo I would use it for!  

Let's just not talk about how this project has now moved from the layouts-to-be-created pile into the layouts-to-be-put-in-albums-pile.  That's next month.  (Please excuse the 2-toned photo.  Transparencies are HARD to photograph!)

(Inter)National Scrapbooking Day was the day.  When I saw the sketch at Studio Calico and the HipKitClub challenge to create a symmetrical layout, it was written.

I used a cool clothing label along with some masculine-feeling chipboard, wood veneer, graphic alphabets and a typed label with a quote from a Semisonic song.

As is often the case, one small victory inspires another, so stayed tuned for more "finishing up" projects to show up here!  'Cuz I am on FIRE right now!  


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