Paper Quilts...

So I'm a dabbler in the quilting world.  I've made two (partial) quilts in my life and both sit, unfinished, but tidily rolled up in a cupboard, just waiting for the day that I break a leg and can't move to do anything else.  I love hand stitching and that's the stage they're at.  But I need to commit the chunk of time it requires to do that little job!  But to do that would be admitting I'm a quilter, and then I'd have to go and buy ROOMS full of fabric (I guess I wouldn't hate that part…) and to accomplish it all, something would have to give.  Probably sleep.  And I DO love to sleep.  So you see my predicament.  

Instead, I paper quilt!  I picked up this Die-Namics Cover Die last month when I was in Winkler to teach, and couldn't hardly wait to get home and play with it!  

I realized pretty quickly that I'd be wasting a lot of pretty paper just getting the few pieces I needed for one "quilt" so I decided to make several cards at once.  

Piecing went together so easily with Scrapbook Adhesive Sheets.  I just laid the outline on the adhesive sheet and fit all the patterned bits into the openings.  Then peeled the release paper off the back and adhered it to the card front.  Slick as you please!

One thing I like about this sort of card, is they're already visually interesting enough, so you can keep the embellishments to a minimum.  Which I did.  

This exercise was a completely satisfying way to get my quilting fix, and now I have some cards to send my friends who are actual real quilters.  The ones with rooms full of fabric.  They know who they are.


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