Sarasota Sunsets….

I am not going to wax rhapsodic about the sunsets on the beaches in Sarasota, other than to say, they are an event.  
Every. Single. Day.  
Not even kidding.  
Everyone in town heads west to the beach round about dusk.  Lawn chairs and libations in hand.

But it's worth it.  They are an unparalleled display of electromagnetic particles and visible spectra you're ever likely to see!  The sunsets that is, not the tourists.  Although they too can provide unparalleled displays.  Of a different sort.

But the sunsets deserve a layout about them.  With gorgeous sunset-like vellum paper from a Studio Calico kit from way back.  And clothing tags from Forever 21.  Seems legit enough.

I created this layout for a challenge from Paper Issues during their online crop in March, to use specifically, wood veneer, arrows, tags and paper clips.  

Thanks for stopping by today!


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