Smooshy backgrounds...

This is a technique I seem to be particularly fond of.  If my to-post box (where I found all of these) is any indication.  The smooshed watercolor background with a stamp or die cut on top.

For this card I used a mix of yellow, pink and orange paint and just let them dry-blend as they would.

This was just a fun way to experiment with color combos, and the big-brush-swipe.  That'd be what I've determined to call it.  You might not find it in common usage.  Just yet.

The leaf on the card below was also a result of messing with mixing watercolors.  I've used foam dots behind the leaf to give it some fun dimension.

This last card was stamped and painted first, before adding the background color.  A bit trickier, but nothing a little care and attention can't handle.

If you haven't tried watercolor painting yet, I encourage you to try!  Just pull out some brushes and play.  You will be happily surprised with the results!

If you have any questions about products used, leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

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  1. I love your smooshy backgrounds! Watercolors are a struggle for me, but I love your results - maybe I need to play around more with them. I especially love that leaf card!

    1. Thanks for commenting Bashful! You're absolutely right, you just need to play! Pick analogous color schemes (blue/greens or pink/orange) to start and no matter how it turns out it will be pretty! And stopping sooner than later allows the paint colors to blend more organically which always seems to be more pleasing! Have fun!


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