Bags, baskets and bowls....

I've been sewing lately.  Wrapped clothesline bowls, baskets and bags to be specific.  It started with some girlfriends and a get-together one afternoon last March, where we all decided to try our hand at this little effort and well, it kinda went crazy from there.  Its the fabric.  Ohmygoodness. all. of. the. fabric!  I can't help myself.  

So I started with this little yellow and red bowl.  Got some kinks worked out and a few techniques figured out so that the following ones could be even cuter.

 Then I moved on to this yummy one.  All made from one piece of multi-colored batik dyed fabric.  At the point above,  I really had no idea what it would be.  So I just kept going.  That's generally a good idea, I think, to plow ahead when you don't know what you're doing??  Actually in this case it worked ok.

And then I went fabric shopping again.  

In my defense I went to help a girlfriend find some colors she needed.  

This was the result.  3 nesting fabric bowls that I have no idea what I'll use them for.  Unless it's to gift.  So don't be surprised if they show up in your stack of gifts next birthday!

Then came the uber-trivet.  A thing of beauty AND usefulness!  

Basically, just a bunch of variously sized circles all sewn together and sprayed with ScotchGuard for easy clean up.

This basket is actually not quite finished.  Later this summer, my son will bring me some of his leather strips and add handles.  And I will store things like towels, in it.  And it's lovely natural clothesline cotton-ness will be elevated to functional.  Even better.

But I've been saving the best for last!!  

A rainbow combination of all the yummiest batik prints I could find at the fabric store.  I added leather handles to it, and it's amazingly sturdy, and has already hauled any number of books, snacks and sundries halfway across the continent.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you found something to interest or inspire!


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