Today is my Dad's birthday.  Or was.  This is our first time to mark his birthday without him here to enjoy some Dairy Queen ice-cream cake.

So I thought I'd revisit this layout that I made last year after his last birthday (and somehow never posted).  He was in the hospital following a fall and was waiting to be placed in long term nursing care.  It was a hard thing for him to accept but it was made a little easier by the fact that he ended up in the facility right next door to where he had been living!  And mom could walk over 3 times a day to be with him.  On nice days she could even push him home in the wheelchair for a couple of hours of "blessed peace".  (It had been a long time since he'd had to share a room with 3 other noisy boys.  Actually never.)

But on this day in the hospital, we made as much of a party as we could, with KFC (his favorite), some amazing cupcakes (that we shared with the kind staff) and balloons!  We bought some stick-on mustaches from the Dollar Store and stuck them to happy face balloons, just for a grin.  Which we were rewarded with!

I think it pleased him to have a little bit of a fuss made; to bring cheer to a tough situation.  We miss him today, but we're glad for where he is and for the memories we have (along with umpteen photos reminding us) of many other birthday celebrations through the years!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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