Playing with Face Paints!

Funny thing.  
I was doing the one thing, thinking about the other thing when the two things collided!  I was cleaning out drawers and purging bins of old supplies I don't want, need or use, while imagining the ways you could use the new Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels, when I came across 2 tins of Caran D'ache Face Paints by Aquarelle from when the kids were, well, kids!  And discovering that they TOO are water soluble oil pastels!  (And only just now, while doing some quick research do I realize that these are not marketed as face paints at all, but somewhere along the way, we found out what a splendid job they do at painting faces! And arms.  Legs and chests too.) So while I waited for the Prima ones I'd just ordered, to arrive in the mail, (because, y'know, cleaning out means empty space to refill with new stuff, #amiright?) I pulled out the old face paints to give them a whirl.  Since they were once a great source of fun and entertainment, all that was left in one tin were 6 broken, stubby little crayons.  That was clearly the reason a new tin had been thought necessary even though the kids have since grown up (sob) and coloring themselves all over holds less appeal than it once did.  Although I can't speak for when it's October 31. 

The technique I'd been mulling over was of using the oil pastels to color a stamp, then run a wet brush over it to activate the pigment and stamp that onto watercolor card stock. Here is the result.
You can actually stamp once, then add more water and stamp again.  It gives you a different but equally interesting result.  As well, you can apply your wet brush to the paper and move the pigment around and help the colors blend even more.
And with the application of a little more pastels, and more water you can even get a 3rd, and lighter yet, stamped image.  Also kinda pretty.
Now that I have my 24! pack of Prima oil pastels, I plan to try some other ideas, so check back again!

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