Lets Party!

Have you seen the fun things you can do with honeycomb paper??  Just type that into the search bar on Pinterest.  Go on, I dare ya!  

Well, I did, and this was the result!  I still had some leftover honeycomb paper from InkyAntics, and then I saw that WeR Memory Keepers had a bunch of this paper too in all the yummy colors, so I just had to make a swaggy garlandy thing.  For pretty much no reason at all.  Except for a DT blog post at Love is in the Details.  Totally justified, right?

I cut all kinds of shapes, round, oval, triangular, chinese lantern shapes, diamonds.  Some I combined two colors and others I left as one.

I strung them all up together and decided that it was as good a reason as any for blue frosted sugar cookies, and cupcakes, tropical punch and pretty striped straws!

I fake-wrapped some "presents" and invited Mr B to join me for a pretend party!  And I didn't even have to twist his arm after he got wind of real treats!

Thanks for stopping by today!  



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