More gold heavy!

This post went up recently over at Love is in the Details.

I finally got the chance to pull out these Teresa Collins gold foil card blanks and make some cards.  I thought first, of just making one or two, but as it turned out, I couldn't pick just a couple to play with. 

I actually laid them all out on the table, along with my left-overs container and just started piling on bits and pieces that seemed to go together.  My leftovers container is a large glass pie plate into which I've dumped anything leftover from other projects.  (I find it SO hard to throw any little thing away if it seems like it could be useful somewhere else.

I used assorted die cuts from Memory Box and Poppy Stamps, as well as Simon Says Stamp.

Because the cards already have a busy background, I tried to keep the design of sentiment and embellishments relatively simple.  And because I was pulling from a wide array of leftovers, I needed a few elements to be similar to tie them together as a group, since I thought they'd make a nice gift pack to give away as a set. 

So I reached for more gold elements, some black and a bit of pink and green.   It really was fun just to sit and shift things around, seeing how many elements I could group together without the overall look becoming overwhelming. 

I was glad to make a dent in my leftovers stash and end up with 10 cards that compliment each other so nicely.

Thanks for popping by today to check out this project!



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