Coloring for Adults....

Speaking for myself at least, I'm glad the coloring trend has grown to where it's socially acceptable for an adult to open a new box of crayons and inhale deeply and nostalgically.  To mess with paints and brushes and not care who's watching, or how good we're coloring.  In short, to PLAY again like we did when we were 8.  
And I'm also glad for the variety of choices of coloring books, designs and paper available for grown up coloring.  Prima though.  Prima has created my favorite coloring books, water color pencils and paints to date.  The quality is just...well, I got no complaints!
Here's just a sampling of what I created after a few mindlessly happy hours of coloring with watercolor pencils and then going back and painting with a water brush.
More details can be found at Love is in the Details where I recently posted these projects.
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