Baby Showers....

Edited to add:  This post sat in the blog folder, as a draft for a very long time.  While I caught up on some life, y'know.  So it's late, but the pictures are still pretty to look at!  Enjoy!

So...I've gotten off track lately.  (Well...if on-track means all paper, all the time, that is.)  I blame it all on Pinterest and YouTube.  There is NOTHING you can not learn how to do on YouTube.  I am currently pursuing a degree in YouTube.  I have several semesters left.  The ones that cover shingling your home and doing emergency tracheotomies.  But the cake and cookies courses??  All over that!  Thing is, where there are cakes, you need to also have parties.  Check.  Daughter in law is growing a baby?  PARTY!!  Christmas Eve Dinner?  PARTY!!

Here are some photos from my daughter in law's recent baby shower.

After a lovely lunch was served and enjoyed, the Guest of Honor opened many lovely gifts, and the guests worked on a project that has since been made into a cute ABC Quiet Book.  Each person had one page to work on, ironing on a shape that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.  Then they stitched "[letter] is for" to finish.
Then cake was served!  On offer, was a Vanilla Cake with banana jam and vanilla bean butter cream frosting,

...and an Earl Grey cake with lavender sense and lemon curd filling.

Each of the guests was given a little potted succulent to take home; a token of a little life needing care, similar to that of a new baby!

Now that I'm posting this so much later, I can also show you a little of the finished ABC book.

And our grandson, Archie Paul is here and growing like a sweet little bug!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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