Tonic for what ails ya....

Hi, hello!  I'm here today to show you some cards that came about as a result of messing with some Tonic Studios Nuvo products.  Both the Crystal Drops (which are opaque) and the Jewel drops (which have some transparency).  If you're interested in more of the how-to, go this post at Love is in the Details where I outline some of the ways you can work with Nuvo Drops.

In some places I actually blended the two - the Crystal Drops with the Jewel Drops.

It behaved a little differently from what I expected and if you'd like to find out more of what I learned while working with it, check out the link above.

Have a great rest of your day!


  1. Beautiful cards -- I especially like the pumpkin one! While I'm enjoying summer, I'm getting just a little anxious to start creating fall themed cards! (smile)


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