Charmed for Butterfly Reflections....

Hi friends!  I'm up on the Butterfly Reflections Ink blog today with 5 pretty cards made from one floral stamp image from Charmed by Altenew.  You can read all the how-to details over there.

I used the Prima Water-Soluble Oil Pastels, and color/painted on watercolor paper and on vellum.  The vellum was tricky, but I get into that over in the BRI blog post.

Finally, this last card was created by coloring with Copic markers on the backside of the vellum.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you find something amazing in your day!


  1. these are so beautiful. wow!!!

  2. Wow, such lovely cards. Delicate....the colours and the watercolour of the first three are very lovely.!

  3. Gorgeous cards. Love that stamp!

  4. I love these cards, and I am so glad to read the details on the blog! Hugs!


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