More Shannon File memories....

Remember this post here, where I promised that there would be more yet to share with you?  Today I have the last 3 boards I made, to show you, and eventually when I have them all hung on the wall, I'll even show you that!

 This first board is of my husband's grandmother and her family.  She is the young girl, front and center of the photo.  Baba Rose is the only way I ever knew her, so it's very special to see and have photographs like this to get a glimpse into her younger life.
Because I didn't have any specific mementoes that belonged to her, I opted to use things that might have been (and likely were) a part of their lives.  Things such as a milk bottle cap, the vintage door knob and skeleton key, the wire rimmed glasses and the sewing pattern.

Next, is a memory board of my own grandparents.  I'm lucky have a number of things that belonged to them because they were meticulous in keeping everything that could ever possibly have some importance.  And quite a few things that never would.  But that's a story for another day.
 Because of the journey their lives took, these items reference a much different place and time to anything I'm familiar with today.  This board includes their boat passage ticket to Canada, a Deutschmark, their passports and some work documents, and a train schedule.  There was much more I didn't have room to use.  Underlying it all, is a letter written to their sponsor family on the occasion of their immigration after WWII, by a friend of their's who arranged the sponsorship, telling about some of their feelings and experiences.
I included from my scrap-stash, some mini phrase stickers, crystal stems and a stitched flourish, as well as a fountain pen and watch face that are found objects. 

And finally, I made one more board that is a collection of bits and pieces I've collected over the years, that reflect my love of sewing and vintage sewing items.  
The wood veneer dress form, wired bead floral stem, word stickers, dew drops and floral die cut are more items from my scrap-stash.  

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